B u i l t   i n   S a v i n g s   f o r   S m a r t   H o m e b u y e r s

Scientific tests show when building an energy-efficient home the use of ECT radiant barrier sheathing can effect savings on cooling as much as 25% each year for the life of the home.

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  Benefits of Radiant Barrier
  • Approved for energy credit in the Model Energy Code
  • Achieve California Title 24 Compliance
  • Noticeably reduces garage temperature
  • Durable; should last for the life of the home
  • Environmentally friendly

Achieve Title-24 Compliance Simply and Economically
ATTICS are 20o to 50o cooler, so you get credit for a cooler attic and ceiling.
DUCTS are cooler, too so you get energy credit for RB.
MASS INSULATION works better and you can use less which saves money.
ENERGY CREDIT is easily calculated using MICROPAS 5, or EnergyPro 2.0
ECT Radiant Barrier makes a good house a comfortable and energy efficient home.

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