Installation of ECT RADIANT BARRIER (RB)

Be sure you have the following tools and materials:
A. Proper amount of ECT Radiant Insulation
B. Tape measure, drop light, shears, utility knife and stapler (mechanical, electrical or air - squeeze or hammer type)
C. Two movable support surfaces such as 2' x 3' x 1/2" plywood or 1 " x 12" x 3' piece of wood (lengthen for 24" O.C. trusses)

Be sure you observe the following safety rules:
A. DO NOT lay RB on top of exposed electrical wiring or boxes.
B. Make sure trusses or rafters are sound before placing your weight on them.
C. Be sure you have adequate ventilation and lighting. A dust mask is suggested.
D. Protective headgear (bump cap) and safety glasses are suggested.
E. WARNING: DO NOT attempt to stand or lay on existing insulation. Failure to follow these instructions can and may result in serious injury and damage.

Measure, roll out and cut material in lengths best handled by two people.
1. Whether you start at the bottom (nearest soffit vent) or at peak (nearest ridge) leave spacing as shown in Fig. 3.
2. Slit or trim RB at uprights or obstructions as necessary. It is not necessary to have a tight fit.
3. Staple RB to truss face approximately 6" on center the entire width of the product. Suggested staple size is a corrosive resistant type with a 9/16" crown and a 5/16" leg.

Lay pre-scored piece of RB flat and bend each edge as shown in Fig. 2-1A and place between trusses. Position material and space as shown in Fig. 3. Flush left side bottom edge of RB with bottom edge of truss and staple entire length. Repeat stapling on right side bottom edge.

FIG. 3- VENTILATION Because ventilation can greatly enhance your RB performance, it is important to consider the following:
A. Where no existing ridge or gable vents exist you should install one system or the other. Consult mfrs. instructions for proper location and installation. B. Where no soffit vents exist, be sure ridge, pan or gable end vents are of adequate size to properly ventilate area.

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